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Items Simply MUST Be Sold In The Gear Shop... (GREATEST COMPROMISE)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ace, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Ace

    Ace New Born (1) Member

    Jun 28, 2016
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    I spent a lot of time typing this out yesterday, but then since i forgot to check the "always stay signed in" button it didn't go through and the entire post got deleted. yes, i pressed back and all the other stuff. obviously i could not write this thread out as good as it was the first time. so as a side suggestion, i'd like for the dev to have the "always stay signed in" checked by default.............

    anyway, i know there have been some threads about this before, but i am offering the greatest compromise. through my compromise, every player can enjoy the item system for the first time in SSL history.

    first of all, there are players who don't have time to play the game too much. there are also players who simply have not collected many items at all. these players are at a great disadvantage to the players who have collected a large number of items. you can say "turn items off". the problem is that many of these players WANT to play with items. you can argue that these players have also not collected many gears to buy items in the first place. this is not relevant (i will explain why later).

    second, there are many players who have amassed large quantities of gears and feel that the gear system simply isn't very useful. putting items in the gear shop will give these players something to spend their gears on. it doesn't matter if these players can buy hundreds of items, because there are already players who have over 400 of each item. the problem is that as things stand, it is extremely lopsided. you can say "these players have worked hard to attain the items they have". that's not relevant either. these few players who barely use the items they collected should not influence whether the game has items in the gear shop or not. what matters is the player base as a whole. when things are lopsided to such extremes, that is the problem worth taking into account.

    third, as it stands now the item system isn't very good. the problem is that there is no compromise. items are either on or off. players either have them or they don't. with my compromise, there will be THREE options for items in match lobby
    • Unlimited: pretty much what we have now as "items on".
    • Limited (Per) (Total): the new limited option with the sub options (Per) and (Total) will allow hosts to put limits on the amount of items players can use in each match by selecting a number between 1 and 10. Per would be (number) PER item. Total would be number of items total.
    • Off: items off.
    items will be sold in the gear shop for 10 gears each.
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