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Charge Mode Upgrades

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Goomba, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Goomba

    Goomba Master Sergeant (10) Member

    Jan 5, 2013
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    The new game mode is pretty neat, but there are a lot of things that can be done with it to make it even cooler

    Team Charge: A team mode variant to Charge mode where each team has one accumulative battery and most drain the other teams battery.

    Chargebound: A combination of Rebound and Charge. This can work one of two ways. It can either be played like regular rebound where in order for a shot to do damage, it must hit a bumper first.

    Alternatively, it can be played where portals, bumpers, and side rebound walls will offer multipliers to fill up your battery faster as incentive to use them.


    Overcharge: Win a game of Charge in one turn.
    Unlock: Battery Bomb Weapon

    Battery Bomb - This weapon will charge the longer you keep it in your inventory, the more it charges, the more damage it does.
    Voltage Bomb - This weapon will do more damage the lower your tank health is
    Discharge Bomb - If this weapon is in your inventory when you die, your tank will explode. Otherwise it works as a weak Voltage Bomb.

    Charge Veteran: Win 100 Charge Rounds
    Unlock: Thunderbolt Barrel (The barrel is in a thunderbolt shape)

    ShortCircuit: Drain a person who is very close to filling their battery and steal their win
    Unlock: Cumulus Chassis (The tank body is in the shape of a cloud)

    Item Crates should give energy, fills up your meter slightly.
    Also when your battery is flashing your tank should get one of these perks
    • More XP - Each shot gives you a little more XP
    • Higher gear spawn - Gears will be much more frequent
    • Faster Speed - Your tank can maneuver faster
    • Full Stats - Your tank temporarily gets a full stat tree
    If a flashing battery tank appears, there should be more of a visual cue the closer they get. When they get super close, sparks should start flying out of the tank. The closer, the more distracting the tank becomes, drawing more attention.


    This has a TON of potential, but will NOT happen. This would be epic though.
    Right now, the game mode just abruptly ends once a tank hits 100%, but this could be changed to be made a lot more epic.

    Here is my idea:
    Once a player hits 100% battery, that player's battery becomes "locked" in (unless they are hit before they reach 100 on the same turn). The game will carry on for one more turn.
    The player who reaches 100% will be able to shoot, and whatever they shoot will be an "Ultra Form" of the weapon they choose. Each weapon tier has it's own unique Ultra Form weapon and this weapon will give the player x2 XP for the weapon tree.

    That would be a MUCH better way to finish off a game.

    But anyway, cheers
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  2. Penguin

    Penguin Major (18) Member

    May 11, 2014
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    -i can't see why there shouldn't be team charge so it is ok!
    -charge bound: well it would be good if you could play all game modes mixed with others,you still won't be able to mix more than 2 modes
    -weapons: this are very good ideas but it can't happend,SSL weapons does only straigth damage in one turn no special effects at all (maybe it's too hard for kyle to code it I dunno)
    -upgrades of 100% tank: they are fine and makes sense but again it is too hard for kyle to code it